What the client said:

  “Highly recommend…” “I’ve worked with Karen for over 20 years covering various projects and companies and can highly recommend The People Factor team to anyone who wants well thought-out HRD strategies, support and direction – in particular, shaping the employee brand and delivering change management as well  as compliance requirements.”       

Steve Richards, CEO

About the client:

Casual Dining Group operates some of the UK’s favourite restaurant brands, including Las IguanasLa Tasca, Bella Italia and Café Rouge. With over 300 restaurants nationwide and employing around 8,000 people, it’s one of the largest casual dining businesses in the UK.


Casual Dining Restaurants


United Kingdom

Client Since:


The HR challenge:

CDG approached us to help them restructure the business, with the main challenge being to make it run more efficiently.

What we did and how it helped:

Our focus here was on delivering an effective and workable strategy. Specifically:

  • We prioritised gaining board members’ buy-in which was critical for making progress and achieving significant change.
  • We reviewed the existing business structure to establish headcount and costs, including renumeration, benefits, NI and the projected cost of change.
  • We updated organisation charts and compiled detailed supporting datasheets to outline how these would work in a range of scenarios.
  • We worked closely with the FP&A team to map out different restructure options.
  • We assessed savings versus cost, together with restructure incidentals such as new premises and office space, and new role salary increases and recruitment costs.
  • We advised on and directed the timing and announcement of the restructure, including all internal and external meetings and PR communications.
  • On implementing the change programme and new structure, we ensured that all employees understood their new roles and that their responsibilities matched their job descriptions. We also organised team-building events to ensure that they felt settled and secure within the new set-up.

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