HR DESIGN – Planning your HR department is as important as building your finance team or shaping your boardroom. The right HR business partners in the right seats will ensure your business growth plans succeed.

Creating a Vision

Creating and ensuring that your HR strategy, structure and processes are in place to deal with the growth of your business is critical.

Allow us to help you put in place the systems, processes and structure to support your business model.

Future-proofing your HR

A HR plan can be easy to write but a lot harder to deliver. At The People Factor we will look at your future business plan and create a people environment that can support you, your colleagues and the growth of your business.

Of course should your plans change we will make certain that our HR Design can scale both up and down.

Processes that work

We have mentioned processes throughout our website and for very good reason.  If you have the correct processes in place your business will be able to change direction of travel quickly, professionally and easily!

You can rest in the knowledge that our processes will include best practise advice that will help your team keep their head when all around them are losing theirs.

HR designed to work

HR is not a stand alone department. It is an integral part of your business – as important as finance, sales and operations.

Our professional HR consultants will design your people plans to ensure you truly have the right processes and policies to suit your people. Many find this work boring, but we love it! From writing a policy to meeting the ever increasing demands from Government, such as National Living Wage, Tronc systems, Pension changes, Apprenticeship schemes, to inputting new legislation into company handbooks, contracts and literature, such as addressing the Gender Gap, Modern Slavery, GDPR, Right to Work…. the list goes on….

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