We’ll help align your new business

Acquiring or merging businesses is rarely straightforward.

Reviewing the organisational design of your existing and new business means you can settle on one that works for both.

We’ll take care of the TUPE process for you

Acquiring and merging businesses often involves a lot of reorganisation to how the business operates. We’ll advise on how best to legally and practically transition the business through this as well as managing the TUPE process from start to finish for the incoming employees.

We’ll manage the contract process for all your new staff

We’ll review and manage the entire contract process for you, cross-checking, updating and harmonising the terms, conditions and benefits for the new staff (e.g. tronc; salaries and payroll processes; pension, healthcare and company car schemes; training; meals and holiday allowances), as well as negotiating and liaising with staff and/or unions to facilitate the changes and integrate the new teams successfully.

We’ll make sure your teams, systems and processes are in sync

We’ll help ensure that you have all the relevant employee data available on your incoming staff so that you can make informed decisions on the people aspects of the new business, deciding who best fits where and in which teams.

We’ll also help you determine what new systems and processes you’ll need to accommodate in the new set-up; which of your existing systems and processes remain fit for purpose and should be retained, which would benefit from being combined with another and which should be discarded.

We’ll ensure your PR is on message

We’ll help prepare and manage all the internal communications for both your existing and new teams, as well as ensuring that all your external PR delivers the right message. Not only will it serve to motivate and align everyone in the wider organisation, it will also ensure that any legislative clangers are avoided by communicating the right information in the right way and at the right time.

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