Creating, reshaping, improving organisational performance or managing change, Organisational Design is a route that we often look at to optimise the change to meet the desired organisational goals.

Fit for Business

The People Factor can review your organisation  to make sure that it is fit for the purpose required. An Organisational Design needs to represent the style of operation, the type of people employed and also the direction the business is taking.

If you are looking to acquire, grow or downsize, then your business should review its Organisational Design to make certain that it is fit for the purpose of its current or future plan.

Re-Shaping your Organisational Design

There are a number of different Organisational Design models  – first we work with you to understand your organisations design and plan the change aligned to your business strategy using the most appropriate Organisational Design (OD) model to structure the change.

We will assist you in re-shaping your organisation and demonstrate what the impact of the change will be to your people and your business.

Your Organisational Design Strategy

Is it right? We will consider all factors – external environment, mission and strategy, leadership and organisational culture. We will use a logical approach to determine which category carries more weight and which category to tackle first, whether it be structures, management practices, systems, climate, task requirements, individual skills, abilities, needs and values, motivation, individual and organisational performance. Your organisations design really can help your business and, we believe, applying the right OD framework  will deliver better results.

We can help you define the right Organisational Design strategy for your company and guide you through the business change.

Amalgamation of Organisational Design

Recently purchased another business? Merging two (or more) business units? This is where you should consider the Organisational Design of the existing business and, of course, what type of ‘go forward’ business to have. We can show you the options available and using our wealth of experience assist you in making the decision which will be positive for your business.

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