You’re probably familiar with the popular saying: ‘Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’

I can definitely relate to that.

Yet how many people do you know that are working in a profession they’ve always dreamed of?

I ask because there are lots of people out there who fell into what they’re doing purely by chance and now just stick with it. They don’t particularly enjoy it and they certainly wouldn’t choose to do it again.

It gets better, though, because the other saying we often hear in business and HR circles is: ‘People are your greatest asset’.

It’s a great sentiment but what if those people then happen to fall into the category above? Or they’re not particularly nice or… good.

So, let’s refine it to: Good people are your greatest asset. Now that puts a whole new perspective on things.

Because good people inspire and do the right things. They work hard and get results. They create great cultures and build successful businesses.

And that applies just as much to the people at the top as to those on the ground. Because if you can help people buy into what you’re trying to achieve and how they each play their part, you’re onto a winner.

Look after your people and they’ll look after you.

I’d like to tell you why that should never change and how I ended up spending my entire working life doing a career I love: HR.

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