We’ll make your restructure go smoothly

Sometimes, change is good.

A business restructure can help an organisation become better organised and more profitable.

We’ll help you plan your restructure

A lot goes into a restructure. We’ll help you with everything from mapping out your new organisational redesign to preparing for what it means for your people and who moves where.

We’ll help you put everything in place

We’ll help implement your new set-up, managing office relocations, facilitating new team structures and roles and running training programmes, as well as handling your internal and external PR so that the right messages are being sent out.

We’ll help you build and keep a happy workforce

We’ll help you focus on your people so that they feel valued and secure in the new structure, from team-building events to retention strategies that comprise different renumeration options, reward incentives and loyalty schemes.

We’ll help you manage any sensitivity and fallout

Unfortunately, restructures sometimes lead to redundancies and terminations. We’ll guide you through all the legislation so that you can manage your obligations fairly and keep your reputation intact, as well as organising redundancy programmes and outplacement consultations for those affected.

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