RIGHT TO WORK – Our sister company RTW Checker provides a complete documentation and Right To Work checking system. Reporting back to you with a PDF, highlighting the true passport holders details and what Right To Work they have within the UK.

What is Right To Work?

As an employer you are responsible to ensure all of your employees, including temporary staff on a trial shift, have a legal Right To Work within the UK. The Immigration Act 2016 has removed any potential grey area over who has the ultimate responsibility to validate the legal status of the Right To Work of the applicant who presents him/ herself to your company. The responsibility is yours.

Why use RTW

All employees must have their ID verified to ensure the person holding the ID/passport is the legal holder, and then checked that they have the legal Right To Work within the UK. Penalties are up to £20,000 for each illegal worker; five years imprisonment and powers to close businesses are now available to the Home Office. Ideally, these checks should be used for existing employees as well as new recruits.

Our Services – Self Service

Ideal for larger organisations, those with a large workforce or those with a significant staff turnover. Checks are made using a web interface, smartphone App or a dedicated RTW scanner which will instantly check for ink depth, microchip plus many other security elements. Our constantly updated system will verify authenticity of the document – all you need to do is ensure the person being interviewed is the same person as the document verified. A PDF is created that you can sign off against ensuring your business is protected from Home Office Statutory Excuse.

For smaller companies wanting to check employees from 1 to 100 staff, we also provide a Pay As You Scan service, where our team will scan your documents securely and return a PDF document per employee stating their RTW status for your files.  Click here to find out more.

Services – Managed Service

The RTW managed retrospective service is absolutely perfect for businesses who want the total security that ALL verification and RTW checks are being made by an experienced team of trained professionals. Our comprehensive process will check all existing employees documents for authenticity and accuracy by our dedicated team. Our teams then check for Right To Work which includes ensuring your current process is water tight, verifying visa authenticity, advisory of student visa hours and will provide a comprehensive document showing all checks made and their results.

Our dashboard provides a warning when an employees visa is due to expire from 60 days out. Our experience shows us there is no better system to protect your business.

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